19 year old singer, songwriter, dancer, writer and poet. Born a Virgo on August 30, 1998 in Houston, Texas. Discovered my performance and musical abilities at age 11 and have been heavily practicing and. improvising since in order to prepare for a hopefully large career in music. Cite artists such as Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince and Madonna as core influential guides of mines. In a market full of replicas, I want to stand up for real art and vision. That is the only way to leave a lasting impact on the world. Find the heaviest shoes in your closet and take a walk on the beach. Look behind you. Are those the prints you were hoping for? If not, try again and try harder and keep trying until those prints are so deep that they're engrained in the sand for every future generation to see. If not, they'll forget all about you. Make every print worth it.


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